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About the Fitzwilliam Experience

The Fitzwilliam experience was invaluable. Regardless of the stage your career, it enhances the intentionality of your path and broadens your network in unexpected ways. It was exactly what I didn’t know I needed.

The Fitzwilliam Experience provided the perfect tools to reflect, connect, and think ahead as a young professional in the field of education. The discussion facilitators kept us engaged and laughing, all while pushing us to dig deep and ask important questions of ourselves that we rarely make the time/space for on our own.

Unlike any other conference I’ve attended, the overall vibe of Fitz is a shared understanding that we can and should work together as we counsel students to and through college. I left feeling energized and restored.

The Fitzwilliam Experience was the best professional development I’ve done in my near 10 year admission career. The opportunity to process my personal and professional thoughts, goals and ideas about admission and enrollment management alongside other emerging leaders at near-peer institutions proved to be exceedingly valuable; and the transparency and vulnerability by which we did so was incredibly refreshing. I am very confident I will be referencing ideas, discussions and sentiments taken from my time in New Hampshire for the foreseeable future.

The Fitzwilliam Experience was exactly the boost I needed to see the path toward becoming a leader of the college admissions profession.

Our profession desperately needs more opportunities for new and mid level folks to get together and discuss issues. Fitzwilliam was the perfect opportunity to do this.

This conference was the perfect opportunity to step away from my own office and institution and really take the time to consider my past, current, and future objectives in this field at large. I benefitted so much from the shared yet different experiences of colleagues from other post-secondary institutions and on the other side of the desk. For the first time, I was interacting exclusively with a group of true professional peers and guided by a few experts who care about the importance of mentorship. I left the conference with a lot more to think about, but also with some of the tools and plans I needed to work on as I progress forward. The connections I made with the other attendees were also a huge highlight of this conference and they will have a lasting impact on my expanding professional network.

The Fitzwilliam Experience has been my favorite conference that I’ve attended so far. I’ve previously found larger conferences to be intimidating and overwhelming and often leave these conferences feeling like I have not meaningfully connected with fellow attendees. The Fitzwilliam Experience is totally different – I felt like I was able to have meaningful discussion with colleagues with similar career experiences and I left the conference with key takeaways for the next steps of my career. I’m so happy that I attended!

A conference, program, institute or experience, whatever you want to call it, you get out what you put in. The sessions are as good as the people in them, so it’s a good thing the people attending are as invested in students and the profession as you are.

I loved that this conference was discussion based and philosophical. I thought the location and environment was perfect for such a conference.  I left Fitzwilliam feeling refreshed, encouraged, heard, and hopeful. There’s a lot of work to be done but man, do we have good people ready and willing to step up to the challenge! 

The Fitzwilliam conference provided time and space to consider higher education as a profession and consider more practical ways for professional development I’m so grateful to the facilitators and the people I met–both on the secondary and college side–for pushing me to be more intentional about my growth not only in my office, but also in the industry.

The Fitzwilliam Conference for Emerging leaders was one of the greatest professional development opportunities I’ve had the privilege of experiencing. I truly enjoyed learning from peers on both sides of the desk within this profession, and felt it was the first experience that allowed me to better understand my role and position within this field.

Experience is the right word for this program, because this is not just a conference, it is an immersive experience where you get to learn from, befriend, and interact with some of the leading minds in college counseling and admission. Come willing to have open and honest conversations, and you will leave feeling rejuvenated, recharged, and excited to tackle the most important issues facing our profession today.

The Fitzwilliam Experience is transformational. Unlike most conferences, this experience focuses on the shared and lived experiences of the attendees. The collaborative and reflective dialogue helps to reignited the passions that have drawn us to this profession and has given us a network of professionals to lean on as we grow within it.

The Fitzwilliam Experience was the refresher I needed heading into my summer. After another tough cycle, it was invigorating to be surrounded by passionate and purposeful people in our profession. Talking about struggles and stressors as well as growth and advancement can be difficult, especially with a group of 50 colleagues; Fitzwilliam’s location and vibe allowed those conversations to flow effortlessly and honestly. In essence, it reaffirmed the need to reflect and be intentional in all we do within our field. It felt special to be with a group of people nominated by peers and mentors to have these crucial conversations. It was indeed an experience I won’t soon forget.

Yes! The Fitzwilliam Emerging Leaders conference was one of the best professional development events I’ve ever attended. So rarely do we get to share ideas with one another in such an intentional and candid way, and in such a serene setting. I returned to the office invigorated and with a new set of goals for the year ahead.

I was nervous about attending the Fitzwilliams Conference, honestly. I just completed my first year as a college counselor, and was cautiously optimistic about the impact I was having in my office. The Fitzwilliams Associates helped me realize (and internalize) my value as a member of the Admissions/ College Counseling community. As a former admissions counselor, I know this ebbs and flows. However, talking about the peaks and valleys in a transparent environment was refreshing. After the conference, I left with a renewed sense of pride in my work and some new friends.

At a time when so much of our professional development focuses on HOW to do the work, Fitzwilliam was a refreshing reminder of WHO we do the work with, WHO we do the work for, and WHY we do the work! Affirming and reinvigorating, the conference is a great way to forge new professional connections and to reflect on opportunities for growth as both a professional and as an entire industry.

The Emerging Leaders Conference provides an incredible opportunity to network and connect with likeminded emerging leaders in the field. The breakout sessions were thought-provoking and provided opportunities to reflect on where we are, how we got here, and where we’d like to go in the future. These are relationships and conversations that I know will continue long after returning home.

The Fitzwilliam Experience for Emerging Leaders is a true gem! I’ve never enjoyed networking more. Prioritizing connection over content, each participant is drawn to build relationships in the most authentic, refreshing way!

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